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Stalin? Even Khruschev? Most of the Tsars? Ivan the Terrible?
And that’s just counting past Russian/USSR leaders.
Pol Pot? Mao?
Ok, how about Kim Jung Un? Assad? The recently departed (Good Riddance) Fidel Castro?
Putin isn’t as bad as any of these.

I agree with you — on all that. 
(He’s certainly several degrees of evil lower that guys like Stalin or Assad.)

IF he’s killed anyone (and we still have no absolute proof) its a handful of journalists
There’s no death camps

I agree with that too.

I have him pegged as an authoritiarian (but not sadistic) Russian nationalist.

Also agree with that — 100%.

Essentially, I agree with all of your comment.

(I would add perhaps that Putin’s targets are not only opposition journalists, but also political figures. Here’s a moving story about Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and her admiration for Boris Nemtsov, a Russian reformer during the post-USSR years. Nemtsov got killed with four bullets in the back near the Kremlin, in one of the most prominent political assassinations of recent years — after publishing information critical of Putin).

But yes, besides that addition, I strongly agree with you.

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