Come Again? Orgasm privilege, casual sex, and female pleasure
Lauren Ingram

Lauren, I wholeheartedly agree with 52.4% of what you say — and I’m happy you wrote about this.

One pet peeve: women are not men. (Conversely, men are not women.) One day, hopefully, your tribe and gender and sexual choices will not matter at all in defining life opportunities.

That day I will celebrate — but male and female orgasms will still be different.

Using men as checklists of what’s a good idea for women, is usually not helpful — even more so when genitals are involved.

Some research suggests that women’s orgasms last longer, on average, than men’s, and that are possibly more intense. Should we then conclude that the average female is more selfish in bed than their male partners? How would you react if I told you:

Men shouldn’t have to put up with subpar sex and shorter orgasms. The very personal is political, yet for years men have been putting up with weak orgasms.

Why would this not work?