Not any more often than peaceful protestors get arrested outside the Élysée Palace or No 10 Downing…
Svetlana Voreskova

Look, your apparent urge to defend a ruthless dictator and KGB operative is puzzling.

But it becomes more puzzling when you are trying to praise him, of all things, on the grounds of his record on Free Speech… seriously?

You are seriously arguing that it’s easy today to be a journalist critical of the regime in Putin’s Moscow?

And that’s easier in Moscow than, say, in Madrid or Bologna or London or perhaps New York?

If you are seriously arguing that, I’m afraid the Fake Moon Landings are in comparison a quite reasonable conspiracy.

We may discuss if EU’s policies against Hate Speech are effective or not — and I am most interested in the topic.

But you seem to ignore the basic and necessary premise that the EU is most definitely one of the best places in the world to live in, today — and one of the safest places to be a journalist in. To that, you propose Putin’s dictatorship as an alternative system that you like? Here’s what I think about the EU project.

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