What’s Next?

It is my opinion that the political psychology is now negative and extremely threatening to the GOP after the healthcare vote. The GOP was in a difficult approach/avoidance conflict on Obamacare, which was their own fault. Reiterating they would repeal and replace made it necessary, in their view, to go forward. Now the lies, fabrications and deceitful approach that highlights this bill will be tattooed on every Republican who voted for it. Slashing benefits to needy Americans — young, middle-aged and older — to give tax breaks to the very wealthy will result in a monstrous psychological backlash against the entire party. The Trump celebration after the vote showed a callousness never seen before; ruining healthcare for millions so billionaires can get huge tax breaks, further funding the GOP. It is a sure-fire way to undercut American Democracy. However, Trump supporters may not see their own peril because of their use of denial and repression. They want to believe in someone who is harsh, with an authoritarian personality because of their own anger and frustration with politicians. But they are sabotaging themselves in the process. Democrats now have an opening to shine! But they need a messenger who is dynamic, with a winning personality. They need someone who can penetrate the anger in the Trump voter and win based on what is right, sensible and in everyone’s best interest. That person needs to emerge soon. Any loss of time now, with Trump in charge, could be the destruction of America — except for the elite!