Stories of the three women who have changed my life
Hillary Clinton

Secretary Clinton, I hope that you will have a chance to read this. I am one of the many Latinos who believes in you and has been inspired by your work for children and families since you and your husband, President Clinton, came onto the national scene in 1992. That year was a roller coaster of a campaign for me as a die-hard Clinton supporter - as is this current one. I didn’t know much about then-Governor Clinton other than what had been reported about his ability to be quite verbose in delivering speeches. I never wavered in my support of President Clinton and you. The good work that you and your husband have done for years has always out-weighed any challenges you may have had or any allegations that were brought forth.

I must admit, however, that if you had asked me whether or not you should run this year I would have advised that you not do it. And it’s not for the reasons anyone who might read this would think but rather the opposite. It pains me a great deal to hear the manner in which you are maligned and and often questioned because it has become acceptable in our society to bash Hillary Clinton. However, I wasn’t in on that decision-making process and you chose to run. It was then I decided that if you had the strength and willingness to serve our country in the capacity of Madam President, well then I was obligated to support a woman considered by many to be the most qualified person in a long time to run to be our Commander-in-Chief.

As the months have gone by, I want to add that I remain 110 % in your corner. And know that that support has allowed me to experience first-hand on a very small scale what you probably face on a daily basis from your harshest critics. They are relentless in their criticism of anything “Hillary,” and often less than polite in the delivery of their grievances or accusations. But I was raised by a strong Latina who taught me to respect and celebrate strong women. So I am relentless and determined not to let any accusation, innuendo, or lie that is used to denigrate your reputation as a public servant and candidate for President go unchecked.

It has been a pleasure to work on this campaign and wish you the best going forth. As a public school educator, I show my gratitude for all that you have done directly or indirectly for the people of this country, especially children and families, by supporting your campaign in any small way that I am able to. I appreciate your courage and convictions thus allowing you to stay the course even when the odds seem insurmountable as you seek our nation’s highest office. I am working from my home almost nightly via Twitter (@dr_bruin) to keep the flow of positive information moving, making sure my relatives and friends are registered in order to support you with our votes, and even making phone calls from my home. With much excitement and pride, I will cast my ballot in support of your candidacy. It is the least I can do for someone who serves as a living example of dedication, perseverance and grit. I look forward to watching your inauguration as our 45th President.

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