Progressivism: Bernie’s Doing It Wrong
Val Perry

There’s a “dicho” (Mexican proverb or as the saying goes) that my Mexican mother often used:

“La verdad no peca, pero hay como incomoda.”

Roughly the English translation: Speaking the truth is never a sin, but it sure does make things uncomfortable.

I suspect this is why you receive such backlash. I for one say please continue to speak or write about what is “the truth” and those who are made uncomfortable need to step back and reflect on what it is that is causing their reaction. My hunch is that they’re afraid to figure out what many of us concluded long ago. And that is that Senator Sanders is full of hot air and distorts his record. He’s a fraud!!! Let’s remember that it’s not the Clintons being investigated.

Hey, Senator, how’s Jane doing? We’re you a part of that? Hmmmm!!!

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