Bernie Sanders has wasted decades?

Well apparently you have been asleep for the past 30 years or you are too young to remember … the charges that Mr. Sanders brings up are not new. They are the same charges that she has faced for many years — un-proven I might add. So don’t tell me that what she is going to face is nothing compared to this. It is the same old “recycled garbage” that the Republicans first put out in the early 90s that is now being used in a shameful manner by those on the Left. Hillary is prepared for this and more. What I find ridiculous is that she would be held to her “Republican” views when she was not yet an adult of legal age. Sen. Elizabeth Warren was a full-fledged Republican as an adult before she “saw the light” but that isn’t convenient for Mr. Sanders to bring up or even remember. All I ask is that my “flawed” candidate be treated fairly and respectfully.

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