What To Do When You Have Tried Everything to Sleep Better With No Success

I meet a lot of people who are really frustrated with insomnia or poor sleep, because they just feel that they have tried EVERYTHING to feel better, to sleep better, but nothing is working.

They have tried various medications and supplements that maybe work for a little while, then don’t. They have tried aromatherapy, electronic sound rhythms, relaxation techniques, meditation, white noise machines, chin straps for snoring, and nasal strips. They have moved into another room away from their bed partner, and on and on…

Is that you?

If so, listen to my advice below and try something that might surprise you!

When you’re finished, download my Top 10 Quick Tips to Sleep Well Tonight here:


Let me know in the comments which tip you’re going to put into action TONIGHT!

To Sleeping Well Tonight,

Helping employees and patients sleep better.

Helping employees and patients sleep better.