Why Waste Time Sleeping?

Dr. Chris Carruthers
2 min readOct 19, 2016


Hi sleep advocates,

You are awesome! I notice that everyone is talking more about sleep, and people are helping each other change the way they view it.

We now know that it is the third pillar of health, standing strong with healthy eating and physical activity.

We know that our brain is just as active during the night as during the day, and it is productive in different ways that are extremely important to our daytime functioning.

We are no longer prepared to support anyone who says, “I got only 5 hours of sleep last night, and I can get through my day just fine!”

Now we are speaking up to remind our loved ones, friends, and colleagues that there is indisputable evidence that sleep is IMPORTANT. We are helping each other prioritize sleep, and we are modeling healthy sleep thinking and behaviors. We are encouraging and supporting others to make improvements.

Join me in the crusade to convince people that sleep is NOT a waste of time, and it is not just something to get to at the end of the day when all the rest of our tasks are complete.

These are my top 5 talking points that you can use to persuade them that sleep is PRODUCTIVITY, and it will create RESULTS for us!

1. Quality sleep helps you maintain a healthy weight and consistent energy throughout the day.

2. Quality sleep helps you age well and decreases your risk of chronic illness (heart disease, cancer, respiratory diseases, dementias, and more).

3. Quality sleep improves your brain health and your ability to learn, remember, and make better decisions.

4. Quality sleep is important for safety, reaction time and decreasing injury, for yourself and everyone around you.

5. Quality sleep improves your mood, your emotional balance, and your outlook on life.

I know you want energy, focus, health and fulfillment for your family and friends.

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Dr. Chris Carruthers is a sleep health champion providing individuals with the information and skills they need to take smart action to overcome insomnia and conquer fatigue. For her curated list of practical sleep resources, click here.

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