Getting Started With Machine Learning with Python — Part 1

Targeted Audience: Beginners, Students

Keywords: Python3, Getting Started, for loop, while loop, functions, dictionary

Machine learning is one of the fast-growing buzzes in today’s world. With the prevalence of ICT technology, more and more researchers, data analyst, data scientists, students, enterprises are using Python for data analysis, big data modeling and machine learning [5, 1, 2].

Although there are a bunch of books, video tutorials available on the Internet, they are either very complex to understand or not free. When I first started my career in Machine Learning and data analyst, I struggled through a lot of difficulties dealing with the complexity of tutorials available, as well as lack of step to step hands-on exercise. In this series, I am going to write about using Python from absolute beginners to advanced data modeling and management. For these series, I am using Python3. This is the first tutorial in the series. My target is to make the readers from Zero to Hero in one article. …


Suresh KUMAR Mukhiya

Ph.D. candidate, Machine Learning, Big Data Analyst

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