An analogy

I am not “spoiled” by spoilers.

I don’t care if I find out how a show, book, or movie ends. It doesn’t upset me, and it doesn’t ruin the experience of watching the thing/reading the thing for me. I am able to disregard it and put it aside and continue to enjoy the media without any problem or any lessened enjoyment.

h o w e v e r

I know that many people are “spoiled” by spoilers. Knowing what’s going to happen might even ruin the book/show/movie so badly that they can’t even watch it or read it! I know that being spoiled is disappointing and upsetting for people like that. I know they might even go out of their way (using a tagging system, spoiler warnings, or selective reading/browsing of fandom sites) to avoid encountering information that might “spoil” them. I know that when people go to such lengths and are then accidentally are “spoiled” by a spoiler, they often complain and are upset!

And even though I can’t experience that feeling of being “spoiled” firsthand, and I believe that it is a real thing, and that it’s annoying, and that many people care about it. And so I take it seriously! And I don’t insult it! And I honor it by providing spoiler warnings and tagging my posts so people can avoid spoilers that they don’t want to see! I do this even if it requires a modicum of extra time!

do you see where i’m going with this, do you get what i’m saying

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