Discovering your nature UNDER the pressure of TALE


A lot of my thoughts are related to games I’ve played some time ago. They are just recurring from time to time in my Twitter feed, 9gag or Reddit. And demand to think about them again but from different angle.

That’s what Undertale was trying to do to me during last month. This comics brought me some thoughts and all the bipolar opinions that were ripping my thoughts into two different directions. I took a deep breath and moved away my enjoyable FF3 playtime and started playing Undertale again.

It was my third time playing. When Undertale was released back in 2015 I was very excited and completed it. With worst ending possible — neutral. Back then I did not know about any other options and the variety of content that game was hiding from me.

When I found out about alternative endings, I was eager to broaden the story of my feeling and started to play again.

When you’re playing Undertale again, you’re starting to dive deeper into dialogs and meanings. Scenes all over the world do no look the same. That same feeling have attracted me to go on the third run.


I’m not the patient type of the player to be honest. I like to dig once but deep. I don’t like to replay saved games over and over and over and over again to fill content satisfaction bowl for my ego. I like to stick to certain paths and then if I an involved enough, I start from scratch taking another role/path/route.

I was completely wrong applying this approach while playing Undertale. I built different types of play style in my head, describing each of those when playing Undertale’s storyline. I was breaking down players by persistence (one of my lovable characteristics in players), level of engagement and types of temperament. Last was nearly fitting into my observations. But something was missing.

Thing that was missing was scratching somewhere in my head, leaving a hole for thoughts and forbidding me to complete my impressions in this post. I just couldn’t fit these types into the game.

So now, sitting here and completing the top of my pyramid of thoughts, I decided. All above classification is worthless. You either die as a hero or live long enough to become villain. Oops. Wrong one. You either die as a villain or live long enough to become hero. There’s only two types of players in this game that matters. Because neutral play-through is mediocre.

We all make mistakes. Which includes killing “wrong” NPC, taking “bad” dialog path. We’ve all been in situation of “I did it for good”, where you’re not generally bad, but sometimes…You can be not completely honest to yourself, weaving web of excuses around your consciousness after taking desicions.

Same with neutral play-through. You’re just okay. Killing when insisted, spare when it’s easy. So the game is just as neutral to you as you’re to game. You have your ending. Sort of. Not more nor less. You tick a game in your TODO list and uninstall it from your PC/console.

Now. The polar parts.


Being patient is hard. Searching for proper approach to everyone is even damn harder. But that’s all about pacifist run in Undertale. Searching for proper ways to spare. Dodge-Act-Dodge-Act-Dodge-Act-Spare. Whole game. Every monster. Every boss.

Which leads to surprisingly awesome consequences.

Pacifist run is easy to be dedicated to, but hard to accomplish. For me, Underlate world with all of the characters in it, was a good heart-warming place where I was a visitor. Going through necessary route to leave this place I was like neutral-evil person on my first run, killing every threat. But going pacifist, every living being deserves mercy. No matter how hard they want to beat you. Spare is the only option.

Again. It’s damn hard. It takes a lot of flexibility in actions, that comes with a great price — time. Time you’re spending searching for a right decision to make. If only you don’t take hints from Internet.

But also, it comes with great reward. In my opinion — the greatest reward of the game. Explanation. Don’t be afraid. No spoilers. Just for me, I received long awaited responses, to question long-long forgotten after my first run, where not all the things fit in the storyline.

Do you wanna have a bad time?


Do not kill, do not rape, do not steal. Forget about that. No mercy. No feelings. Just blood. Genocide reveals a little more then you’ve expected. Just a reaction. To your doings. A resistance to your doings. It seems like game is just against you. And you will feel it. As a player and a gamer. Sans will give a hint.

Genocide run will just sum up your doings. which you’ll(hopefully) feel at the start of intended play-through.


That’s the point. If you’re just completing the game, most likely, you’ll finish neutral run with some finale.

To feel the game deeper. You need an intention. Intention to rather be good. Or bad. Your intention will decide the amount of content you’ll receive. The amount of emotions you’ll get and the feedback from the game itself.

So looking at my third Undertale run. I failed. I did not have that amount of patience to be nice. I intended to be good. But it’s hard to be good on purpose. I did not have an intention to be bad. And I wasn’t. That’s why I had most boring ending, because I have chosen mediocre path — not be good nor bad enough.

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