👾First of Many👾

Hello everybody! So I have finally decided to give this blogging thing a shot (I know.. super cliche thing to say for a “first blog” but what else do I say?). A friend of mine has been mentoring me a little bit directly and indirectly for the past 9 or 10 months and has opened my eyes to something that I had always been interested in but never thought I had the intelligence level for. Coding. I always thought you just had to be that one super smart kid who graduated high school at 15 and was going to a prestigious school to be able to code and what not. Turns out, not at all. Getting started and learning the basics is actually as easy as learning how to play a video game. Each level adds more and more content and abilities. I am just a little over 6 months into teaching myself and I am already looking to get some certifications and applying for jobs. I have come this far while having a job 5–6 days a week, taking 18 hours in the spring semester, and training for sports. Granted, my school suffered slightly but that’s because I chose to have a social life😅. Anyway, I figured there is/will be someone else out there in a similar situation so I should document my struggles, failures and achievements!

I started off just before Christmas time by signing up for GitHub, Salesforce Trailhead, FreeCodeCamp, and a few of the SoloLearn apps. Yeah, it was a lot to start off with and was a bit overwhelming at first. I bounced around back and forth between freecodecamp and the sololearn apps to get familiar with the basic code skill sets; HTML, CSS, and Java Script. The two of those are perfect together because they go over all three, sololearn goes slightly more in depth in the topics but freecodecamp sets up opportunities for some probono work with companies and create a portfolio with small projects. So far I have completed the sololearn HTML and CSS, and I have a little bit more to do in the JavaScript one.

In FreeCodeCamp I am also still moving through the JavaScript section.

My main focus as of the last 4 months has been on Trailhead. Basically, to sum up what Trailhead is, it is a free online coursework system developed by a company called Salesforce that developed a cloud based platform that can be used by pretty much any company for every aspect of their business that I can think of (not to toot my horn but, I am a business finance student at a highly accredited business program so I have seen in nearly all my classes where the platform can be applied). This is what I am planning on using to get my first job in the coding/Web Dev world. There a different modules and trails of modules that will teach you everything from building an app on the platform, to coding Apex Triggers, to building reports based off of opportunities, to even the basics of CRM. This thing has everything.

What is even more amazing than Salesforce’s Trailhead, is the community of Salesforce Admins/Developers/ect. The “Salesforce Ohana” is absolutely the best. Everyone is so very friendly and helpful. They will guide you and point you in the right direction. I went to Texas Dreamin’ down in Austin, Texas in May and met with a lot of Salesforce people and it was FANTASTIC. I loved it and every one I talked to had a great story and had nothing but great things to say about Salesforce. I know, I know, of course they are gonna say good things about who they work for. I said the same thing and I pried everyone to get them to say something bad about it but there was nothing anyone could say. So they’ve got me drinking the kool aid and now I want to pursue a career with Salesforce!

So far I have moved pretty slowly through trailhead but now I am going to kick it into high gear. My friend and I sat down and mapped out our big goals, monthly goals and weekly goals to put us in the best position to succeed. He is ahead of me as far as modules completed (which earns you badges and points) go but my plan is to catch up quickly! We are both going to post weekly progress reports every Wednesday so that we can hold ourselves accountable to our goals. This is my progress so far on trailhead;

I will make sure that I have a more significant amount completed each week and I will post a link to my friend’s blog that he will be posting as well. Get ready, because I’m going to be blowing up everyone’s timelines and feeds with this!

Thanks for reading👍🏽

Dra Stevenson