Do we really want to produce our food with patented, gene-edited fungi or algae, fed with chemical-intensive, environmentally destructive feedstocks such as GMO corn or sugarcane, and made in labs? Or do we want to move towards a food system based on transparency and truly regenerative, organic agriculture that is sustainable and healthy for farmers, farmworkers, our planet, and consumers?
Is “Food-Tech” the Future of Food?
Friends of the Earth

Ignoring for a moment that this is a false dichotomy (there is a whole spectrum of options in-between), your article doesn’t really address the fact that, at the end of the day, what most people want is meat, and lots of it. While this is obviously unsustainable, it seems to me like exploring biotech innovations to address the problem is a sensible idea. For example, imagine a situation in which edible fungi are grown in vats fed on agricultural waste — would that be a bad idea?

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