“What are you going to do?”

if I may be so bold, you forgot steps 6a, 7a, 8a and probably 9a.

Get published. Do it early, do it often. Target the top conferences and journals, in my field, at least — there is a proliferation of conferences at all levels but not everything has the same cachet. Evaluate post-docs on how they add to your publication record and standing in the field (again, for CompSci — some did, but many didn’t. Those positions exist for high level scutwork). Some academic organisations with prestige in the field tend to have awful post-doc conditions (because they have a willing audience no matter what).

Network like crazy. Many plum projects never get to a stage where they are sent out on a mailing list/advertised. You can and are probably expected to look around for post-docs well before write up finishes (but uh, maybe don’t get distracted like I did)

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