How to Choose a diamond engagement ring?

“ Say those golden words to your loved one with diamonds”….. Ring ceremonies are special and to add on to the jazz, a nice diamond ring is essential. Getting the ideal diamond engagement ring is not an easy task and in case you are planning to get the ideal one for your special lady or special man, the following tips will help you a lot.

Budget: The very first thing which you need to do is to decide on how much you are willing to spend on the engagement ring for your fiancee. Once you enter the jewellery shop if you define the parameters to the jeweller things will turn smooth on both ends. The salesperson will show you just the items which are within your range.

The magic of 4Cs: The four essential points to be kept in mind in case of a diamond are:

Diamond engagement ring

· Color- The most precious and rare colour is white or colourless. The absolutely colourless ones are called ‘D’ colourdiamonds. The diamonds are graded for colour from ‘D’ or colourlessto ‘Z’ or dark yellow.

· Clarity- Clarity basically talks about the size, type, position and visibility of inclusions and blemishes. Diamonds are normally graded from “Flawless”(FL) to VVS, VS, SI and “Included”(I or P grade)

· Cut- The cut is important and if it is inaccurate the shine will be compromised. If the cuts are too deep or shallow then the sheen of the diamond will also be affected. It determines the shape of a diamond. The cut is regarded to be a measure of how the different facets of diamond interact with light. This term is used by the jewellers to describe both the shape of diamond and quality of craftsmanship. Round shaped diamonds are quite popular as engagement rings. Apart from this, the other available shapes are princess, emerald, pear, marquise and oval.

· Carat Weight- The unit to measure the size and weight of the diamond is carat. One carat is equivalent to 0.2 or 200 gm. The average size of an engagement ring ranges from one to half a carat. It is important to not confuse the word carat with karat as both have different meanings. Karat defines how pure is the metal whereas carat is the unit to define the weight of gemstones.

Professional Sizing:This one is a free service offered by the jewellers and it is important to get a ring that will fit into his or her finger nicely. You can either do this or take any ring, which he or she wears to the jeweller so that they can get the size and give you a ring for your special one. There are a number of sites from where you can get a ring sizing guide, you can get it printed and take the ring size of your loved one.

The lifestyle of your loved one: Is your loved oneisinvolved in a job, which requires working with heavy machinery, then a simple diamond ring will be a better choice than one with loads of intricate work.

Latest Trends:It is important to keep a tab on the latest market trends too. For example The classic diamond ring has undergone a revolutionary change and taken the form of Starburst Silhouette. Lately, eternity rings have also captured the market. Rose Gold and Morganite rings are also enjoying the limelight at the moment; the peach coloured diamond coupled with Rose gold band is a perfect pick for the bride of any skin tone. For buying Diamond engagement rings and Engagement rings online you can opt for Dracakis Jewellers.