A deep exhale brings me through the threshold of an open heart and as your blood courses through my gills

It is into the depths of my lower lobes that I am transcended

The sweet salty air of your skin envelopes me, carrying me in the wind as I watch myself float away as a forgotten and unsigned love letter

The reality that I know falls away and from darkness he appears over me and kisses my lips with an undertow of assurance

As I breathe I slowly evolve into something larger than myself

A fragmented seashell I am ground into eternity through the hourglass I fall

And am caught

On a tangent

To come so far and yet

To always be standing still is a talentless endeavor only perfected after years of practice

I delicately dangle feet first into the black abyss and feel nothing other than a tingle of familiarity

The fear is a comfortable home and I nestle myself against its rib cage and resonate with its heartbeat

He rocks me gently giving me everything I’ve needed and nothing at all

I brush him through my hair and taste him on my lips and the memory never fades

It only calls to something deeper that I am powerless against

This addiction that requires no will power and of me things that I will care to answer

Bring me back — hold me tight

I rock gently with the tide as the ebb and flow of an unbridled beast no one

dares call their own holds me in his palm and I purr

On my knees I await the arrival of this hand crafted gift and it is only here that I will find you

A man that belongs to no other place

A gift that has been molded for me for decades — to collide in a timeframe

that I didn’t even know was


. Tick

. Ticking away

Each moment that crashes against the last

Non linear

Chipping away at what once was

And here I am

Impatiently polite

I sit with this fiberglass fallacy

And listen to the sounds that roll from his tongue

With legs spread wide before you I beg to be filled with the pregnancy of glide

It is a lot to ask of you…this I know.

It is into the wild and unknown I step with one foot in front of the last.

One wooden strip is all I have to tight rope away the past.

It is with no fear or regrets

I breathe

I let go

Careening into the arms of something so beautiful and raw that I wonder

The rest of the word crumbles away and all there is this tiny boat and one

lone survivor captained by a man with a beard that grew into a familiar pattern

Two paddles never could steer you wrong. Or left. Neither right.

Direction is only a sensation, but a propeller never could itch the same scratch could it?

It is with the final kiss that I bring myself to stand

To look away from the horizon with a full set of teeth

In one brief moment that will linger for eternity

My heart bursts and projectiles forth with admiration

The particles that I was crumble forth from my mouth

Mixing into the sand and salt that grinds me into existence

Where had I even been before this?