One of the greatest blessings in life is doing what you love. If you are a builder, architect or DIY, you belong to our business family, people with whom we have been working closely since 1997…

It all started out of love for the construction, followed by decades of delving deep into building problems and gaining valuable insights along the way. We realized that traditional waterproofing products were not catching up with modern construction practices anymore, so we decided to take matters into our own hands and develop new technologies for everyone’s benefit.

Our R&D department is on the mission to stop every single drop of water by designing and developing the best waterproofing products that actually respond to modern structural requirements.

Our technical department is making sure your own project gets custom-made solution, as no two buildings are the same.

Whether you are designing, building or refurbishing, the ultimate goal is always the same — on time, on money and to last. DRACO will be by your side every step of the construction process with know-how in the demanding field of waterproofing to ensure just that.