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So we set out to meet on thursday, the 212th. That week was long, very long. I think it lasted twice of what it should have lasted. I still can’t believe this even happened.

But I will just skip to the moment I laid my eyes on this woman and saw a new division in my history.

She had her hair in a very messy pony tail, sunglasses, and a green flowered tank top. jeans and just some sneakers. We said hi, and then she blasted me with that smile.

And in that moment, I knew it, I was at a complete loss, i was charmed, enchanted, bewitched, her smile is contagious, like a virus that invades every cell of your body and forces them to do a dance. I felt light on my feet, and still shaking like gelatin I managed to walk to an Ice Cream Shop and sit besides her and talk.

Sun glasses off, and she looked directly at me with those dark eyes that are as deep as the night sky, but brilliant, and I knew, there was nothing I could do to get out of her gravity, I was trapped in, and truth be told, I just couldn’t fathom to leave. Locked around her orbit the clock stopped, the world went mute, I could only look into her reflection, I could see her in a crown of proverbial fire enthralling my every single fiber. Irresistible, unavoidable. Love?

I have lost my appetite (bad sign), my concentration (even worse sign), I am all over the place, my feelings are like thunderstorm in the pacific, they have no order, no consequence, no fathomable reason, no nothing, they just rage all over the place, the clock keeps ticking every second but when she smiles, it just stops dead, inert, and completely still, there are no more sounds but the whisper of her feminine voice and I am raptured and totally oblivious of my surroundings

What have she done to me? What is this feeling so sudden and new? it is shaking my structures of all the rust, the foundations of my life tremble, and nothing is a certainty at this point. I am confused, enchanted, doubtful, happy and above all, nervous to my very core.

It is her smile. Is a wide honest to God smile that holds sincerity and humbleness, and I think that’s what I am most crazy about.


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