I Can’t Help But Think Of You

Saying I am alright would be a blatant lie. Saying that I hate you, or that I don’t want to do anything with you anymore would be one too, I just don’t think I could. Yet I cannot deny I am upset, yes, I am upset. And you are the reason for that, unwell might be a better definition, but then again, I am just torn apart from the inside out. I don’t seem to function properly knowing that I might never get to be your one and only. Eventually it will pass. I cannot dwell for too long on this subject if I ever want to move on.

I can’t stop thinking about you. Now more than ever, it seems your rejection has sparked the sun inside of my heart, and all of my thoughts are a never ending waterfall of fire that burns my insides with anguish. I know its a horrible thing to read, but it is not as bad as it sounds. Or maybe it is and I am in complete denial.

The thing is, that I really fell for you. And I can’t help but wonder, when will I be able to have your heart and call it mine.

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