The Road to Episode Dailyvee #??? Part 2

September 5th, 2017

“There’s a real correlation between doing things around your favorite things”, quoted from who else … Gary Vaynerchuk. Simple words for my complex mind. I involve my whole body language around the things that made me happy when I was younger. During my younger days starting around four or five years old I was a great sales person, but slowly had to figure it out.

I vaguely remember being with my dad at a department store in Houston. While he briefly walked around leaving me unattended and I ripped off a Houston Astros tag off a shirt that looked like a baseball ticket to the game. So there I was a young kid that barely knew his math, walking around with a clothing tag looking like a baseball ticket in my hand. So this woman walked up to me and said is that a baseball ticket, at the time I didn’t know better but I knew it involved the Houston Astros … so I said yes. She asked to buy it from me for a few bucks. Yes! even as a youngin I knew I was getting a deal because I knew it wasn’t a baseball ticket, then for her to give me those few bucks as she darted off thinking that she scammed me … at that point in my life I knew I was a sales person.

Fast forward a few years later the day after Halloween, I sold the candy I received the night before like I was at a lemonade stand. I had a paper and pen tracking who owed me while jotting down my profits as kids my age ran to their houses begging their parents for dimes and nickels. It still amazes my parents to this day what I could achieve at my age.

I grew up an avid 80’s cartoon fan from Voltron to Transformers. Video games ruled my mind with the Nintendo as I mastered Super Mario, Legend of Zelda and Metroid. I always wanted to be a super hero like Superman & Batman, while trying to hit home runs like Ken Griffey Jr. But also who at that age never tied strings on their arms running around like the Ultimate Warrior … I was definitely your typical 80’s kids.

Throughout the 80’s I transitioned into the 90’s being the weird kid in class reading the newspaper everyday. After reading the current news, comics and sports, I would learn about the stock market and see how the numbers changed every day. I loved math and figured out ways to solve math equations quicker and easier. Now it’s 2017 and I still haven’t changed, minus giving people fake tickets from clothes tags.

I left a decent culinary career to pursuit my body language of my youth. I know two young boys that I lived with at one time that reminded me of myself, and I can see their lives growing into a successful blessed career when they get older, doing whatever they want because the future will be brighter for them than what I had growing up. The names of these boys is not the main focus, but what matters is that their body language is what inspires me to regain my focus in life and doing the things around my favorite things.

Yesterday morning I woke up seeing a video of Gary talking about the quote I stated eariler, and yes very simple words from actions I’m already doing now … but it inspired me to write this blog at 1:53 am in the morning. I have been effortlessly researching while putting together a bridge for start-ups and individuals that need help into the start-up world. Now I have the ticket to sell that’s legit and real … that my folks is a beautiful feeling waking up to every day.

Originally published at on September 5, 2017.