The Road To Episode Dailyvee ??? Part 4

How about if I told you I’m not asking to be on the Dailyvee, but rather I would want Gary inquiring about me to be on the show. Or it could be a situation where we’re in the same place at the same time while he’s being filmed and I happen to introduce myself.

I know I don’t need Gary’s influence to be successful, but rather he has influenced me to think more within the aura of my mindset. My brain wasn’t doing anything wrong before following Gary on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Medium, etc — he was more like an engineer that rewired some simple ways of thinking.

I’m inspired to have my own media/digital agency that’s for sure. I’m definitely thinking about it every day as I continue to map my career out on a daily basis, but my real love is building a video game/software company.

As each blog is posted I’m steadily putting deposits into my bucket list to build a relation one day not only in business but personally. Because as the years grow, my mind will grow and the business will follow. I want my company invested by him, I want to have the new age technology and services that he could use for his personal gain or business. The only way that starts is by putting my deposits in early.

So short and tweet … ( yes I mean it this way instead of sweet ) My goals have always been high, for some far fetch, but regardless of anyone’s outlook on my career goals. It won’t compromise where my mind state is, and how the small tutorials, networking events and personal training is helping me in small bite-sized ways to achieve my vision.

How about if I told you I don’t want to be on the Dailyvee … I want to be invited, personally sought out from the crowd. Then when I tell my story, I can explain why I always wanted to meet Gary Vaynerchuk.

Originally published at on September 14, 2017.