Discovering new angular/cli command — library. Short overview.

Jumping in the perfect world

  • Uniformity of projects and quick start
  • Comfortable development
  • Comfortable distribution

So, let’s start

npx @angular/cli@6.1.5 new mylibapp
cd mylibapp
npx ng generate library mylib --prefix mlb
npm test mylib
npx ng lint mylib
  • Quick start of the new project
  • Uniform approach for all new libraries
  • Unneeded code in the project
  • Crucial tools should be added manually


  • Build the library
  • Import library module into the main project
npx ng build mylib
import { MylibModule } from "mylib";...@NgModule({
declarations: [
imports: [
BrowserModule, MylibModule
providers: [],
bootstrap: [AppComponent]
npx ng generate component some-nice-image --project mylib
<img alt="image was not found" src="../../assets/myimage.png" />
npx ng generate component big --project mylib
npm run build --prod
npm i -D @drag13/when-do
npm i @drag13/round-to
  • Working in the known framework with already known commands
  • Tree shaking feature comes out of the box
  • To see the component we need to use the main project
  • No watch mode for now
  • No static resources support out of the box


npx ng build --prod
cd dist/mylib
npm pack


 by the author.



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