There are ethically-constructed ETFs and mutual funds. There are also ethical companies can that you can cherry pick to invest in those stocks alone. But if you only buy into those stocks and funds, you are not well diversified so this isn’t smart investing. So what is an ethical investor to do?
Are Your Investments Ethical?
Natali Morris

Loved the article Natali Morris and you’re 100% right in what you and your husband are doing and trying to teach your children. Just because someone is investing doesn’t mean they have to back ethically unwise companies. Last year I can across the App “Stash Invest” (available on both iOS and Android). It’s very clean and popular now (I think they raised like $11 Million in the most recent VC Series funding). The reason I mention them is because they have all kinds of ETFs, including you guessed it: ethically sound ones. Things like Companies Right For The Environment, Companies With Equal Rights, Water Safe Conpanies, etc. Here’s a link to their site (Google them and you’ll see the articles & news reports about them):

Hope this helps! 😊 And if you’re Advisor smirks next time, switch to people who won’t. It’s your business and money, and you decided how it’s spent! 😎👍

— Dharam Raghubir

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