But you know what? Fuck you.
To the 4 white male policemen who beat me for checking the health of a sick black man in their…
Ali Afshar

Masterful response! 😎👍

Never let this vomit-inducing incident EVER persuade future you from offering assistance to those in need — medical or otherwise. I also hope it never makes you hesitant either.

Cameras are everywhere (not some paranoid shit reference, but rather actual surveillance for public safety). Soooooooo, guess what…their little public stunt was DEFINITELY caught on cam by nearby security cams. So whatever fake-ass summons/citations they gave you can be easily contested by any 1st year lawyer. Not to mention the guy you tried to help was also witness.

On a side note, not all cops are douchebags like these quota seeking four were. Many are heroes, hard-working legit blue-collar examples of truth & justice.

So, in short, don’t let these few bad apples 🍏 cloud your perception on these things. Much love ❤ to you bro for trying to do right going! 🍺🍻🍺

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