I struggle with feeling like I should be silent on all things BLM. I think a lot of non-black people feel this way.
There’s a thread going nuclear.
Sean Howard

That’s not me. Like my profile says, I really *really * could give a fuck what people have to say if they’re going to be douches on a subject — any subject — and try to force opinions. Basically: if you have a voice to present, don’t be afraid to voice it. ESPECIALLY if it’ll help someone(s).

I also hate it when people feel the need to pile on on defenseless or outnumbered people & ideas. In short, don’t hesitate to comment on BLM just because you’re not black or not a minority. Everyone still bleeds red, and breathes the same air. Everyone still has the right to be opinionated regardless of race, religion, or sex.

Also, great write-up as usual Sean Howard! 😎👍🍺🍻🍺

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