This looks like a really neat app!
Natali Morris

Yes it is, and yes you can. No matter what platform you use: app, broker/advisor, random darts at a wall…the idea is still the same — the choices you make are your own, and they alone dictate what type of ethics go into your investing criteria.

I can just as easily choose to invest in companies like Phillip Morris, Playboy, and Defense Contractors (aka “vice investments”), just as easily as I could in Apple, Facebook, Berkshire Hathaway, and other socially responsible companies. In fact I think there are even a few “vice” ETFs, just as they’re a few (more) “positive” ETFs.

Also, you don’t have to be perfect with it either. It’s okay to be 60–40, 80–20, 90–10, etc. in the combination of ethical and non-ethical companies that populate your portfolio. Use whatever levels and combinations make you feel good, because as I said above and before: it’s only you that you have to answer to, not your fellow man. Just the fact that you’re even talking about this and considering/considered it puts you ahead of many a people. 😎👍

— Dharam Raghubir

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