Not the End

My ink stained hands quiver as I stand over your body

The taste on my tongue turns to acid at the sight of your needle marked arms

They unleashed themselves in you, the darkness lay thick in the air the day you were born

It said you're just like your mama, just like your papa, you'll never amount to anything.

See your mother, she made a mistake and they punished her greatly for it

She had failed them, hadn't she thought about what the church elders would say?

She gave you all she had but it wasn't nearly enough

So that morning just before you found her, she took a lot more than the inscription on the bottle suggested.

Her mother wouldn't let you in, you were the thing that had ruined her daughter's life

Your face was a daily reminder of her jewel's worst decision

You got in the way, they had had it all worked out

That's why when he found you, it didn't take much convincing to get you to leave.

He fed you hot ice until your soul depended on it

He told you reality was for the weak, giants built mansions in the clouds

Everyday with him was everything you'd never had and more

So you told yourself nothing was free, those scars were the price you had to pay.

The morning I found you, you were passed out on the sidewalk

The night before, you had almost choked on your screams

And for the first time you chose to choose yourself

He had become much more than you could afford.

You wouldn't let me in, the hurt had you boiling over

Then I showed you my dungeon, the hell that we all have

You said you'll come with me, maybe this time it'll finally make sense

I was writing my weekly letter to you when the call came through

I see the foam in your mouth and I say a silent prayer

If you exist, don't let this be her last day in this world they say you made.

As I touch your neck, I feel a faint throb and I thank him

This is not the end, you live to fight another day.

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