4 by 4 teaches you a lot about real life. General stuff like look before you leap, off roading is best not done solo, don`t spread your legs wider than your blanket etc etc.

Ofcourse, if it has implications on life. It will have implications on the commentary about life too. Like heuristics and behavioral economics. Heard of the slippery slope in ethics ? It basically means how a series of small transgressions will :

i) lead to larger and larger trasgressions.

ii) finally lead to big stuff. Even fraud.

The word fraud is interesting and generally has amusing consequences for onlookers. Similar in many ways to the word Freud. But that is another story. Maybe even the Mother of all stories. However, coming back to offroading and life. An LSD (Limited Sip Differential not the stimulant) is a complex piece of machinery that simply varies power to each wheel when you are stuck in the mud. (Yes, talk about a simplistic explanation, if there was one.)

My (far fetched) point is that in life too, if we have many pots on the fire, or many moving wheels, there are less chances of us slipping. If there are more things than just work which make us happy there are less chances of us doing wrong at work, simply because the trade off is not as great. This holds equally true for those whose primary “pot” isnt work too. Students cheating on exams etc etc.

Moral of story : When you find yourself slipping, apply some of the power elsewhere.

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