Dragonchain and MetroEDGE bring Industry 4.0 EDGE computing and blockchain to underserved U.S. communities

Feb 12 · 2 min read

In a landmark deal, Dragonchain and MetroEDGE partner to overcome data obstacles and create jobs and educational programs

Bellevue, WA, February 12, 2019 — Dragonchain, a technology leader in the blockchain space, and MetroEDGE, a microdata center company, announced today that they will partner to create EDGE computing and storage solutions throughout the country.

The partnership will help create jobs and provide a technological curriculum in community colleges.

“This groundbreaking partnership bridges the digital divide in inner-cities,” said MetroEDGE COO Jeremy Diamond. “Dragonchain provides real enterprise business solutions. Combined with our unique high-performance edge computing, storage, and security technology, we are creating an exclusive capability.”

Dragonchain and MetroEDGE will accelerate Industry 4.0 by leveraging the security and scalability of Dragonchain’s architecture and MetroEDGE’s high-performance EDGE compute and storage grid. The platform is designed to serve IoT, healthcare, supply chain, and other industry 4.0 needs. It will allow companies to plug their pre-existing application layers into a complete EDGE computing solution.

Dragonchain’s flexible blockchain platform will be a vital piece of MetroEDGE’s secure, high-speed closed network, making its full-stack solution ideal for large enterprises.

“This partnership is strategic, as it combines the power of high-performance computing, and the scalability of our blockchain technology in one solution. It ignites a very broad range of blockchain applications, focused on total privacy and speed,” said Filip Hantson, Vice President of Strategic Business Development.

MetroEDGE’s performance microdata centers will be based in emerging communities throughout the nation. As a Minority Business Enterprise firm, MetroEDGE will affect positive social impact with the best blockchain technology available through Dragonchain.

About MetroEDGE

Metro Edge Technologies, LLC is a data center operating company focused on building a national grid of state-of-the-art, high-performance, micro data center edge computing facilities in traditionally underserved urban/metro areas. MetroEDGE will provide very low latency (fast fiber connectivity) high performance storage and compute. Learn more at: http://www.metroedge.io

About Dragonchain, Inc.

Dragonchain is a technology leader in the blockchain space with operations in four business segments: enterprise services, entertainment, education, and project incubation and acceleration. A U.S. company, Dragonchain’s goal is to empower businesses with an enterprise-grade blockchain solution. Learn more at www.dragonchain.com

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