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Relaunching the global network that helps blockchain innovators succeed.

DRAGONSCALE was established to provide growth-oriented enterprises essential business incubation services and access to industry-specific development resources through its connection to Dragonchain, Inc. and Dragonchain Foundation. The mission of Dragonscale is to identify and support blockchain projects that discover, develop, and deploy innovative products, services, and marketplaces in order to support economic growth and development.

Access to The Resources You Need to Succeed

Operate on the most secure, flexible, and developer-friendly blockchain platform to date. Build on a scalable, serverless platform with built-in protection of business data using established programming languages (Java, Python, Node, C#) and interchain capabilities with other public blockchains.

Leverage an ecosystem of pre-built library smart contracts, qualified vendors, specialized experts, and incubated projects.

Pitch your idea to our partner incubators and utilize the expertise of industry experts that have real experience launching a tech product. Launch criteria is dependent on project and market conditions, but will always include a working POC, a legally-cleared token classification and usage rationale, all necessary marketing strategy and assets required to clearly communicate the product and use case.

With our partner VCs, Angels, and Marketplace service capabilities, Dragonscale is able to offer Dragonscale projects access to both traditional and non-traditional methods of funding. From Pre-Seed fundings, to Series A, to Token Sale services, let us connect you with the Dragonscale partners you need in order to obtain funding for your blockchain project.

Apply today to join the Dragonscale Network. All humans are welcome.

Dragonscale Partnership Opportunities

Partnerships with Dragonscale allow access to a fast growing industry set to innovate, expand Mergers and Acquisitions, and investment opportunities.

Applicants for Dragonscale Partnership Opportunities, please contact Jonel at dragonscale@dragonchain.com

Blockchain Business Magic

Blockchain Business Magic