Education Reimagined: Tokenized Learning and Certification through Dragonchain Academy

With the help of Tommy Cooksey, Certification and Training Architect, the Dragonchain Academy made its first public appearance since the Blockchain Seattle conference. Members of the blockchain community gathered in Seattle to learn more about this certification program and its disruptive approach to blockchain education. While Cooksey’s presentation on Academy greatly resembled a traditional academic lesson, the approach it advocated was anything but.


The vision for the Academy is a far cry from conventional training and education methods, which are largely gated by geographic and financial factors. With the Dragonchain Academy, users can receive all of the benefits of an expert-led curriculum, without being restricted to a determined schedule and location. Students will be able to take courses on their own time and at their own pace, while also avoiding subjects they do not want or need to take.

All learning spaces, be they physical or online, also have shared prerequisites that limit access. Whether they are specific degrees or certifications, an application process, or even something simple like having taken a prior class, there is usually a level of experience that gates off education programs from substantial parts of the community. Conversely, the Dragonchain Academy supports all programming languages and all levels of experience; even someone with no prior blockchain experience can engage with the content.


There are many obstacles in the way of blockchain education, but the most prohibitive element for most prospective students is the cost tied to classes and certifications. The Dragonchain Academy alleviates this problem by delivering courses at little to no cost to its users. Its first two certifications, Certified Dragonchain User and Certified Dragonchain Practitioner, will release with free classes and assessments, as will the other 100 level courses.

Tokenized Incentive Loop

These certifications, and all certifications that follow, will also benefit from our tokenized reward system, whereby users will earn Dragons for successfully passing assessments and becoming certified. These Dragons will help cover the cost of higher level certifications, allowing users to progress through the Academy without having to pay out of pocket. With a sufficiently strong performance, users may be able to net a positive sum of Dragons from getting certified─the Academy’s reward for becoming more educated and expanding the blockchain community.

One of the major insights that has come about from user feedback is their substantial interest in blockchain topics and certification, and the comparatively low number of certifications in the space, or knowledge of where to earn them. The Dragonchain Academy is designed to tackle this specific issue, with a program that is equal parts accessible, comprehensive, and relevant to all backgrounds.

The Academy is scheduled to be released on November 30th and will continue to put out content and certifications for users at all levels of blockchain experience. Future courses will include topics such as Blockchain for Business, Custom Contracts and Dragonchain Architecture, supporting both Dragonchain-centric and general blockchain learning tracks. The Academy not only aims to diversify the content available to users, but also the ways in which it can be consumed, with plans for on-premise training for enterprises and workshops in different parts of the world.

“The Dragonchain Academy will educate and provide not only the exchange of knowledge but also rewards for proof of knowledge. This newly obtained knowledge, combined with the rewards system, provides students the essential tools for success.” -Tommy Cooksey

Though the official release isn’t until the end of November, you can preview course materials today. Click here to browse some of the lessons and see what the Dragonchain Academy has to offer.