Introducing the Dragonchain Marketplace: Bringing Together Products and Services on the Blockchain

Dragonchain makes resourcing easy, dynamic, and accessible.

Dragonchain, the blockchain platform built for business, is launching the Dragonchain Marketplace, a new way for businesses to connect, using smart contracts. The Dragonchain Marketplace enables companies to reimagine the resourcing process in new, dynamic model that bring together services, products, commerce, and more ー in an entirely new way.

Blockchain promises to disrupt nearly every industry. Blockchain technology can transfer ownership of products across trust boundaries, opening up new opportunities for cross-organizational service and creates new, dynamic business models.

After surveying over 1,000 senior executives around the globe, Deloitte found that 74% of them see a “compelling business case” for blockchain, but only 34% have integrated blockchain into their business plan. The lack of technical, educational, and professional resources currently available to business leaders is a major barrier in the overall mainstream adoption of this powerful technology. The Dragonchain Marketplace makes resourcing and integration simple for blockchain-ready businesses.

What is the Marketplace?

The Dragonchain Marketplace is a one-stop shop where businesses and developers can buy and sell their products and services. Our partners provide the essential resources any blockchain project needs to succeed. Within the Marketplace, users will be met with features such as our commercialized dashboard, making it the easiest channel to build and develop a project from start to finish, regardless of their background. Another prominent feature is the expansive smart contract library; complete with Dragonchain’s Custom, Currency, and Interchain Smart Contracts, and pre-built smart contracts, monetized by developers for reuse. These smart contracts are wide-ranging, and can be made tailor-fit for each business’ or project’s unique needs. In addition, our Marketplace Partners provide other exceptional blockchain-centric products, services, and consultation.

“The intent of the Dragonchain Marketplace is to make onboarding blockchain easier by providing all the resources in one platform — the soup to nuts software product,” said Joe Roets, CEO of Dragonchain. “It’s all about supporting the blockchain community and other projects in order to contribute to the education and adoption of this new, cutting edge technology.”

The Dragonchain Marketplace Partnership

Following one of our fundamental principles that, “All humans are welcome,” we invite any interested businesses to apply and join the Marketplace. Dragonchain encourages all industries, services, and individuals to join our collection of premium partners which currently includes companies such as Bloq, Esprezzo, Antonym, Iagon, BioCrypt, Slumber Swap, KeepKey, Crypto PR Lab, and Basin Pacific.

If you’d like to join us and our current Marketplace Partners in contributing to the education and adoption of blockchain technology by providing important resources to an ever-growing community, fill out our application form today. Our team will contact you shortly thereafter if your product or services match our user’s needs.

As of right now, we’re focusing on bringing our community the best product possible. Which means we’re in the process of refining the technologies of the Marketplace. If you’re interested in using our current vendors, our Marketplace will redirect you to the Partner’s website.

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