“It’s a Blockchain for Blockchains”

1 min readOct 29, 2017

How SAAV Games is using the Dragonchain platform for its blockchain transition.

Sean Gordon, CEO of SAAV Games out of Southern California recently shared his excitement about the Dragonchain platform, and the many problems it solves for his company as the prepare for their own ICO, and transition to a blockchain based model for gaming.

Overall, application development within a blockchain platform is really where everything is going. “What we’re seeing is a paradigm shift as exciting as the Internet in the 90’s. “

Problem: SAAV was looking to integrate blockchain technology into their games product line — specifically the v. 1 of Agame so that they could load in things like currency and logic, basically architecting the game to add their own SAAV coin and cryptocurrency.

What they saw: An object oriented approach, designed by people who knew blockchain very well: a blockchain for blockchains.

Solution: Because of the functionality and versatility of Dragonchain, including the multitude of languages, they are now anticipating their own ICO and the release of their game, Agame, with an automated royalty system and in-game player trading. They will be taking it a step further with other businesses.

Find out more about SAAV Games at their ICO here, www.saavcoin.com and www.saavgames.com.