New Horizons in Blockchain Innovation

Dragonchain begins 2018 with a new CTO.

We’re pleased to begin 2018 by welcoming Paul Sonier as our new Chief Technology Officer. Paul brings a wealth of enterprise level experience as a proven innovator in cloud computing and software engineering to the team. These are areas critical to shaping Dragonchain’s next phase of development as a blockchain leader.

Paul Sonier is no stranger to blockchain technology. A former Disney colleague of both Joe Roets and Eileen Quenin, Paul was an informal advisor to the initial internal working group that gave rise to Dragonchain.

In his primary role at Disney, Paul worked on many projects integrating networked aspects of core Disney properties, such as the implementaion of Photopass tech at Disney’s world famous themeparks.

This background gives Paul a particularly unique perspective on the interest corporations have in blockchain technology, while addressing their concerns of privacy and their own internal processes.

“By allowing businesses to leverage the power of blockchain technology and still keep their critical data private and keep their internal processes intact, Dragonchain provides a critical bridge for established companies to engage with what we believe is one of the most transformative technologies since the creation of the Internet.”

A key part of Paul’s role as CTO is determining the way Dragonchain technology develops and deploys in this fast growing new industry. “Blockchain is still a relatively new technology, with new applications emerging seemingly everyday,” he said. “I think that Blockchain technology is bound to be one of the most disruptive technologies since the creation of the Internet. The combination of distributed ledger technology and a disintermediated economic model is incredibly powerful. I believe we are still at the very early days of blockchain, as well; there are still many lessons to be learned from the pioneering blockchains and there is so much more that can be (and will be) done.”

The Dragonscale incubator provides a dual opportunity in that regard, as incubator projects embark on a variety of diverse new applications for blockchain technology.

“I will be engaged with those applications both to assure their success and to make sure that we learn as much as possible from incubated projects so that we can assist other incubated projects to success,” said Paul.