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Dec 20, 2017 · Unlisted

Look Lateral private presale begins January 8, 2018.

Mantova, Italy-based Look Lateral will hold a private presale for Dragon holders with KYC whitelisting beginning January 8, 2018, offering first access to the “Look” utility tokens and tokenized system. Though the full ICO will be open to the public, this private presale opportunity will be the first Dragon holder exclusive of its kind, and the first to utilize the Dragon Slumber Score priority tiers.

Everyone Can Look

Look Lateral takes on several key challenges of the contemporary art market using a tokenized, Dragonchain powered platform. What this yields is a completely next generation “Provenance Marketplace,” that encompasses a level of transparency, accessibility and liquidity previously unknown in the global art world.

The heart of this exchange platform is a pricing system driven by algorithms and constantly-refreshed data from the global art community. The Look Lateral system pairs a uniquely generated Signature Tag for each art piece to corresponding authenticity certificates. Using a blockchain-secured database powered by Dragonchain’s technology platform, the system confirms an artwork’s identity, and opens access to its entire historical record, as well as its ongoing lifecycle.

The new paradigm also allows for the sale and trading of a whole piece or portions of an artwork, quickly and safely. This promises to further democratize the arts market by lowering upfront costs for arts investment.

Presales for Dragonholders

The ability to enjoy priority participation in Dragonchain sponsored accelerator/incubator ICOs like Look Lateral are one of the most unique “extras” available to Dragon holders. Dragonchain developers recently unveiled the first step in this utility with the new Dragon Slumber Score calculator on the official website. Here, all Dragon holders can check the current weight of their personal “nested Dragons,” and even brag about this to others (no pressure, every Dragon counts..). For a refresher on the calculation method and utility of the DSS, please refer here.

Look for more details in the coming weeks, as LL releases its white paper and FAQ, key documents that outline the full technological proposition, team of founders and participation guidelines (including specific instructions for those who will utilize the Dragon Slumber Score presale discounts).

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