Tales from the BioCrypt

How Biocrypt’s Biochain will one day connect Blockchain to your everything.

Dragonchain’s most recently announced Dragonscale incubation project, BioCrypt, is poised to transform the way we access our most personal possessions and information. Its BIO token based ecosystem combines advanced biometrics, decentralized interoperability and the Dragonchain spectrum of trust to deliver a whole new understanding of what it means to be connected..and protected.

It’s possible that the “digital wallet” is one of the most important, yet least developed, aspects of a future, blockchained world. Much like Mosaic and the first Internet browsers unlocked a new marketplace called the World Wide Web, the digital wallet of tomorrow will likely be a multi-featured interface, through which individuals navigate their multifaceted, decentralized existence.

Of course what makes this digital wallet so important, and so different from its fiat counterpart, is that it doesn’t actually hold your money — it holds your keys. Those keys are arguably much more important than your money. They access the full compliment of your digital being, spanning everything from currency, health data, employment history, ownership records to retail reward points.

Naturally, security, convenience and interoperability will be defining elements of this important piece of a much larger future landscape. Our most recently announced Dragonscale incubation, BioCrypt, is an early entrant to this space who promises all three. Its token based BioChain ecosystem (BIO, Biochain, Biowallet) combines advanced biometrics, decentralized interoperability and the Dragonchain spectrum of trust to deliver on that promise.

At the core, Biocrypt seeks to provide a secure identification and payment ecosystem via blockchain, connecting the many “keys” one uses in real life to the sources of their value (virtual or otherwise). This might be the ability to hold private keys for currencies and execute transactions with them, digital keys for a smart home door lock or private keys to blockchain held health data.

What sets BioCrypt’s solution apart and makes it unique is its use of an implantable (or wearable, if you’re squeamish on the idea of an implant just yet..) device that utilizes RFID in combination with the secure UFC and biometric data. This makes accessing personal accounts or possessions as easy as waving an (implanted) wrist — or perhaps a fashionable stick-on patch — in front of a corresponding scanner. Dragonchain’s spectrum of trust approach allows for the varied levels of security BioCrypt will need among these many different types of transactions.

Despite the vast possibilities for where the technology could eventually be implemented, Biocrypt will see its first use as a digital wallet for cryptocurrencies. It’s a shrewd move, targeting perhaps the most obvious and clearly defined near term application for blockchain — cryptocurrency. Along with the nuts and bolts platform deployments, Biocrypt’s initial focus will be on aligning with merchants and currencies to power transactions via a multicurrency wallet. It’s easy to see how early marketshare in this area could be a strong testing ground and initial user base for a super charge of expansion when blockchain crosses over to the mainstream.

As a Dragonscale incubation project, BioCrypt will benefit from the Dragonchain knowledge base, technical expertise and community of Dragon holders (that’s you). Though specific presale and ICO dates are not yet set, BioCrypt’s draft white paper is now available for community comment and review.

Website — http://biocrypt.tech/
Twitter — https://twitter.com/BioCryptTech
Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/BioCryptTech
Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/biocrypttech
YouTube Channel — https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9QVd32zafG44_Wu6rXcEbw
Reddit (SubReddit) — https://www.reddit.com/r/BioCryptTech/
Discord — https://discord.gg/pUtj3NE
Telegram — https://t.me/BioCryptTech

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