We launched Dragonereum on 28–29 of November 2018, almost 1 year ago. The Genesis was a success — 10k EGGs. 553 EGSs and 2638 DRAGONs has been created as a result of experience gained in more than 25k battles! Now
7915 eggs are waiting for their hour. And 60M of GOLD exist in the universe. Given current price of GOLD on Uniswap the cap is about 320 ETH or $57k. I think we got award in the lowest organic cap nomination.

Although this numbers are significantly less than we expected they are a tiny proof that the game works and…

Not long ago we announced a public bounty for content creators and community builders. And today we are happy to reward two members of our community who contributed to the progress of Dragonereum.

First of all, we would like to thank Murry (https://github.com/BigMurry/) who has created dragon genome parser (available at https://dragon.localkitty.co) and has translated the game into Chinese language (50k of Gold for the translation and 20k of Gold for the parser).

Also we would like to thank Ales with 30k of Gold who continued with his research of dragon breeding and created a dragon breeding probability calculator (read…

10K Genesis eggs have been successfully distributed!

It took a bit longer than we anticipated, but generally it went more or less as planned.

In this post we will briefly outline some of the most important issues Dragonereum players encountered during the Genesis and what the development team did to solve them.

The first and main issue was related to the node overload. During the times of high players’ activity our node wasn’t able to respond as quickly as necessary, drown in a large number of requests. …

Today we are happy to introduce the solution to the flaw we described yesterday.

Several solutions were proposed during our discussions, however we decided that the best way to deal with it will be by balancing supply and demand of special peaceful skills.

To put it in economic terms, the problem was in the high supply of very powerful feature. High supply was due to the very fast recovery times for special peaceful skills so even one dragon offering those skills was able to serve many other dragons with a boost of skills. The high supply leaded to a low…

As you may already know, yesterday one of the dragons was able to get to the first spot on the leaderboard with just 9 battles won.

As a community, we hit very important milestone two days ago when @savetheales published the article about dragon genetics (if you haven’t read it yet check it out here).

As far as we know, this was the first article created by the community, therefore we would like to thank Ales for doing that and reward him with 30000 GOLD. Great work!

Additionally, as our original vision for Dragonereum was the community driven game, we think that it will be great to build on this example and proceed with fostering the community behind the project. …

Today we have something special for you. The world of blockchain technologies has always been an open space for everyone to participate. It’s been this way since Satoshi published the code of Bitcoin, thus continuing the traditions of the UNIX developers community. Ethereum, EOS and countless other projects — all of them shared their source code in order to involve new developers into their community.

Our game isn’t an exception. We don’t charge fees for playing Dragonereum, it’s distributed for free, and we want to build a strong community of players and contributors around it.

Thus we have decided to…

For a long time we have been working hard to finish the development of Dragonereum and polish all of its features. But when the last line of code was written and it was considered finished, in reality, there still was a long road ahead.

The blockchain is an immutable ledger, so once you’ve deployed a smart contract it can be very difficult to fix any issues, so you have to check and recheck your code multiple times before deployment. One of the surest methods to do this is to give your code to a professional third party auditor to thoroughly…

Rocket on the launch pad (Photo: SpaceX)

Dragonereum is on the launch pad waiting for the countdown with our engineers doing their final checks.

This is the best time to outline all important changes we’ve made to the game design in the last few weeks.

First of all, once the 10,000th dragon is hatched, half of Gold paid for each new incubation will be permanently destroyed by the Nest. Given that the cost of incubation is 1000 GOLD, 500 GOLD will be burned each time a new egg is sent to the Nest. …

We have received many messages containing one important question: how can I get a Genesis dragon egg? That’s why we have written this step-by-step instruction for everyone.

It is vitally important that you join us for Genesis as we will be distributing the eggs completely free of charge, that’s right, FREE OF CHARGE!!!

If you miss out and don’t manage to grab a free egg then don’t despair, you can still get one after the event from someone who was smart enough to join us for Genesis.

To get it started, we just want to remind you all again, that…


Cryptocollectible player vs. player game built on Ethereum blockchain, allowing users to collect, breed and battle unique dragons. More info: www.dragonereum.io

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