Game balance fix: special peaceful skills edition

Dec 25, 2018 · 2 min read

Today we are happy to introduce the solution to the flaw we described yesterday.

Several solutions were proposed during our discussions, however we decided that the best way to deal with it will be by balancing supply and demand of special peaceful skills.

To put it in economic terms, the problem was in the high supply of very powerful feature. High supply was due to the very fast recovery times for special peaceful skills so even one dragon offering those skills was able to serve many other dragons with a boost of skills. The high supply leaded to a low price. However, the economic effect of special peaceful skills usage was drastic and very valuable.

Therefore we had all ingredients for a game design flaw: high supply of very cheap and very powerful feature.

In order to fix this we decided to increase recovery time for a special peaceful skills and to make them rare and valuable.

The smart contract with the new logic has just been deployed: recovery time for special peaceful skills is set to be 14 days.

Please consider it a hotfix. We might change this parameter at a later date or introduce a dynamic value which will determine the recovery time.

Battles are unpaused and your dragons are waiting for you!


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