To everyone who’s “concerned about my health” — let’s be honest, you’re not.

I am unapologetically fat.

I’m a size 18, and I’m not trying to change that. I don’t look in the mirror, forlornly grabbing my stomach, and vow that the diet starts on Monday.

My bingo wings flap when I clap or cheer.

The dimples on my thighs are cute as fuck.

When I dance…

Unpaid samples are the scourge of the freelance writing world.

a laptop open on word processing software, a pen lying on a notebook, and a cup of coffee
Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

You think you have a great lead on a new client. The job matches perfectly with your experience, and they’re offering long-term work. You haven’t had to negotiate your rates with them. In many ways, they sound like the model client.

The initial discussions are going well, and you’re already…

Emma Ayres

Emma Ayres is a freelance writer and blogger from Nottinghamshire, UK.

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