A Narrative Passage by Seth Sage

(Inspired by Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody)

Walking limply towards the door of his house, Ulysses pressed one hand against his bleeding rib wound, trying to end the blood trail he was leaving behind. It seemed that, in his current situation, a hospital was not an option because he was trying to get home as soon as possible. He thought that doctors could not heal the pain he was enduring at the moment. Mama,” he muttered between heavy breaths. She was all that he needed to be cured, to be calm, and to be sane once again. “She’ll understand,” he thought, “She loves me no matter what.” He smiled at the thought, but he suddenly frowned, thinking of how he might tell her what he did. He stopped right at the doorstep, facing the familiar red door that welcomed him for 19 years. A minute after knocking on the door with his free hand, an old woman greeted him with a warm face — his mother. He would see her smile now because his abusive father is dead, and that was all that he wanted. Like steam rising to the sky, his worries were forgotten as he confessed, “Mama, just killed a man…

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