Doing the Unspoken

Seth Sage’s Mother’s Day Letter

Adults always remind the youth to say
‘I love you’ to their loved ones every day.
I apologize for not doing so,
But I hope in my actions these words show.

The times I moved, for you to hold my hand
Means I’m here for you and want you to stay.
Sunday movie marathons I have planned
May serve as apologies in a way.

Medals and achievements I have obtained
Are tributes for your hard work and dedication.
The compliments from me that you have gained
Are sincere no matter the occasion.

The smiles I wear whenever you smile, too
Give thanks for having you rather than gold.
I hope the hugs and kisses I give you
Say ‘I love you’ and ‘I missed you’ ten-fold.

I myself am guilty of not saying
The words that must be spoken — ‘I love you’ — 
But for this special day I’m uttering

“I love you, and Happy Mother’s Day, too.”

Note: The last two lines were changed for my mother’s request to keep the poem. So that it would be applicable every day, they were made:

But whene’er I say ‘Mommy’, I’m hoping
You’d hear, “Mom, I respect, love, and thank you.”

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