The Winding Crossroads

A Poem by Seth Sage

Webs of roads, shortcuts, and pathways
Are full of hardships, decisions, and choices.
This is the road that we will take
At the first decision we will make.

Usually the road splits to three,
Which lead you to suffer, be tried, or be free.
What’s in these roads; it’s for us to see.
And a map of crossroads is what we may plea.

It’s hard to decide what crossroad to pick.
The first: we will suffer and happiness will be quick.
Though it is said to contain riches and feasts,
Your virtues and values disappear; you’ll be a beast.

The second, I say, is full of guides,
Walkthroughs, shortcuts, people to abide.
You’ll reach the end, but will feel sadness.
And you’ll never achieve eternal happiness.

The last route which only a few takes
Is full of trials, and your life may be at stake.
But these obstacles will strengthen you through,
And will lead you to eternal happiness and to the finish line, too.

Think of your goals and obtain a map.
Decide right away, and go to the next lap.
Or call Janus and ask if it is left or right.
Now choose a path that tempts your sight.

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