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“…But according to national security experts, Rice’s actions are far from unprecedented…”

Which experts would that be???

The same ones that received the disseminated unmasked data from Rice’s intervention?

The same ones that decided to share that disseminated classified material with certain mainstream media outlets for publication?

The same mainstream media outlets that jealously guard their sources even under threat of imprisonment yet demand Nunes immediately and fully reveal his?

“…Given Russia’s involvement in the U.S. election, it’s not surprising that Rice would look at intelligence reports on Russia, including conversations by Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. If those conversations were with Americans, it follows that Rice would ask for the names to understand more about the conversation…”

As is usual with such partisan sites such as Think Progress, conflating issues seems to suffice when the only goal is to take down President Trump, all because he handily beat their darling Hillary.

Congressman Nunes stated the reason for his great concern was the information he read had NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA, which would take it out of the arena of foreign counter-intelligence and out of the FISA universe.

Plainly speaking, this surveillance was directed at Trump, his family, staff, and transition team, both before AND after the election so the left would have a quiver full of political arrows to point at them in a never-ending assault.

Trump beat, and continues to beat the Left at their own game and they can’t stand it.

What America has been witnessing since the election is the result. Maybe there should be jail time not only for those political operatives who unmasked and leaked this information, but for journalists themselves who prostitute themselves to get these juicy details out to the public.

Only when there is a financial and physical penalty for those involved in this crap might we be able to get back to the real, truthful business at hand.

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