I doubt you’re suprised to hear that I disagree with much of this.
Debussy Fields

“…But I’m still for listening. I’m for listening to the Tea Party instead of using something they say that offends me as an excuse to ignore them. I’m for listening to BLM instead of labeling them all as pro-crime thugs. Granting the legitimacy of their grievance does not make me anti-police, despite how somebody else would tag me. We don’t say all NRA members are pro-gun violence despite the shooting in Tucson in 2011. So why do we have to pick and choose who we drape with blanket condemnation and who we contextualize?”

Listening is fast becoming a purposefully lost art in the arena of grievance politics. While I agree the mere act of listening is not and should not be considered a blanket acceptance or condemnation of any person, group, or agency, there are some obvious differences which do bear telling.

The Tea Party is a relatively new phenomenon, and is the result of something touched upon by one of our great Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson.

“Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends [life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness] it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government…”

Change of any sort is never easy or uneventful, and often brings with it stresses in the creation, or recreation of a new normal. The revelers in this return to sanity did not promote or cause the often seen problems associated with the Left and the frequent marches and protests which quickly devolved into chaos. They formed quickly, identified their policy issues, and marched when necessary to notify Washington DC and elsewhere that change was needed, and coming.

They did not call for harm against President Obama or any governmental official, but were still considered racist for opposing his policy issues, a dishonest label applied to enforce the liberal mindset on an all too-malleable sector of the population. They didn’t call for violent and disruptive protests, and when media outlets present at these events couldn’t find evidence of such, leftist outlets paid individuals to start trouble and then pass the blame to them. They didn’t call for resistance in the manner that we see happening now, choosing to let their voices do the resistance for them as was evidenced by the results of the 2010 and 2014 mid-terms, and the current election.

True to form, the Left also immediately labelled this new formation as dangerous, and its adherents as extreme right-wing radicals who were a clear and present danger to our democracy. The unmitigated resistance from the Left bespeaks how truly they feel we are the enemy, as their marshaling of opposition forces bears witness. Under Obama’s administration, the IRS purposefully log-jammed their attempts to form 501 (c)(3) organizations so that their political structure could be enabled.

Subjecting them to numerous questions and the submission of copious amounts of records no other group requesting the same status were required to provide, their formation was effectively held up until after the election cycle was completed. They were eventually granted their status but only after investigations showed Lois Lerner and others within the IRS were driven by ideological reasons and THAT caused the obfuscation, not some rogue agents in a Cincinnati office as the White House stated. While a definite link to the White House was never established, it was more than likely the orders came directly from the top.

“…We don’t say all NRA members are pro-gun violence despite the shooting in Tucson in 2011…”

Of course we don’t say it because the NRA doesn’t call for it!

The fact that some choose to use weapons to maim or kill others is a tired excuse for attempting to dismantle 2nd Amendment protections by increasing already-strict gun control laws, as our last administration was wont to do. Respectfully, your attempt at some sort of moral equivalency here falls a bit short.

On the other hand, the Black Lives Matters movement DOES call for violence. It’s hard to come to any other conclusion after seeing them march by the thousands down NYC streets chanting

“What do we want; DEAD COPS. When do we want it; NOW,”

or in other places, chanting

“Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,”

and then seeing police officers being murdered in record numbers all across the United States. Is THAT really the way to handle grievance? Does that really sound like a group that wants to have a conversation or listen to anyone about anything relating to their grievances? Does one racist cop mean ALL police are? Does the fact that individualized racism still exists, mean that America is a systemically racist country? Anyone, anywhere attempting to justify those ends is just plain wrong, PERIOD!

If Black Lives Matters wants to protest, they should do it in front of the Mayor’s office in Chicago, which has become the murder capital of the US, or the Governor’s office in Springfield, and demand answers as to why the lives of so many African Americans are being snuffed out in record numbers. Or doesn’t THAT fit into their narrative that resistance and violent protest can only come from white on black crime?

All too often ideological crusaders paint themselves into a corner by using the same broad brush they use to create their ideological masterpieces against others. They want to be free to assail anyone who is against their belief system, using the 1st Amendment as cover, while stubbornly holding to the premise we shouldn’t be able to draw any inferences when their words call for violence or death, lest we be accused of attempting to silence free speech.

If a Caucasian were to say all African Americans are nothing but a bunch of murderous gang-banging, drug-abusing thugs, because of the actions of a few within that racial group, there would be an absolute meltdown, and those uttering it would probably have to go into hiding for fear of their lives, yet it is unquestioningly accepted that every white person has to somehow accept and bear blame for the sins of the past and their white privilege because it behooves certain groups to have us forever portrayed as hate mongers looking for a reason to prove them right!

I’m not trying to lay this at your doorstep because you didn’t touch on it in your response(s), but I’m really getting quite tired of hearing about this collective assumption of guilt from many on the Left.

I’m tired of hearing America is too-white, too-racist, too this or that, and having that be the excuse many use as to why they can’t seem to get ahead. Victimhood shouldn't be a feint for failure. Maybe lazy-hood or I-don’t-care-hood should also take some of the blame.

Many on the Left call for educational and economic opportunities, especially for those living in the inner cities, but don’t seem to comprehend no business is going to set up shop there, with the very real possibility at the first sign of trouble, their business could be an ash heap the following day. As far as education is concerned, my prior views on that matter are well represented here and oft repeated.

Race mongers continually pick at the scab of racism, ensuring it will never heal, as the rage baton is passed to yet another generation of young African Americans, who have been convinced that every white person they encounter somehow poses an existential threat.

Democrats rail against the excesses and greed of corporate America, yet it is these same companies that will provide jobs to those willing to look past their anger, think for themselves, and accept one. While the allure of a quick buck by dealing drugs seems to be an accepted way of earning a living for some, that end usually results in jail or tragedy.

Lately I have been watching a TV series called Hoarders. It is so sad to see individuals living in homes filled with crap from floor to ceiling, and justifying keeping something because they might use or need it in the future, when they hadn’t even seen most of it for years. In one episode, a woman whose health was being seriously jeopardized by the hoard in her home, was faced with having to clean it up or risk being evicted by Social Services.

As the professionals came in and started to go through the garbage, her daughter picked up a scrap of newspaper that was a year old, stained with mouse droppings and urine, and unbelievably the woman didn’t want to throw it away because there was an article in it she might want to read later, even though that scrap was literally one of thousands blanketing the floor.

It was obvious the woman had some deeply ingrained emotional and psychological issues, but I still watched with the thought, JUST THROW IT AWAY!

It should have been easy, but it wasn’t.

It’s truly hard to break a mindset, whether it’s hoarding, addiction, gambling, etc, and the same holds true for identity politics and the racial grievance industry, where it is continually promulgated by a growing number of politicians, activists, and educators.

I am being led to the inescapable conclusion that no matter what gains have been made, or will be made, it will never be enough, that America will always be in a position of having to pay for its early sins. It was as if the mere act of moving forward and gaining ground is interpreted as having forgotten what had transpired in our early founding. It is this toxic amalgam that continues to line the pockets of professional race-baiters, while ensuring many more can never get past where they are now.

The fact there is a Debussy out there that can be reasoned with in a non-combative way is good, but it’s not good enough. There needs to be a thousand, no, hundreds of thousands of Debussy’s out there to act as a counterbalance against the all too familiar machinations of the Resistance, to lend some sort of credible, reasoned approach that could help bridge the divide.

This not really new form of ideological tug-of-war is quickly becoming a dangerous contest. The stakes have been raised, eventually reaching the tipping point, and a new revolution will be upon us.

I’m concerned there will be far too many casualties on both sides.

If THAT happens, can there really be any winners?

God help us!!!

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