The records of the Clinton Foundation confirm that no funds from the Foundation went to benefit…
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Foundation records confirm…”?


Sounds like the fox in the henhouse excuse to me.

FOX: Gee, who killed all those chickens?

Yes, it’s theoretically possible that she could have received some under the table off the books funding. But that could be said about anyone and about any organization. Especially when there’s absolutely no evidence even suggesting that.

You’re making my point exactly!

When it’s someone you support under suspicion, there always seems to be an acceptable justification, a way to make it seem that no amount of controversy can activate that “reasoning” portion of your brain into thinking maybe there’s some smoke there.

Then, something interesting happens.

Through the sleight of hand that can only be pulled off by Progressive magicians, accusations suddenly transform into facts, being hurled like a wet snowball at, oh, say someone like Trump.

Not only will he bankrupt the country, he’ll lead us into WW3, stop the Sun from shining, swap bedtime stories with best bud Vlad, and hurl illegals off his really high wall, yada yada.

All this before he even takes office, no less.

I’m almost running out of adjectives to describe the incontrovertible hypocrisy of the Left.

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