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From the moment I heard of the early morning murder of Seth Rich, I smelled a rat. Then when Assange was interviewed by Sean Hannity, he made a skirting reference about the danger his sources were in and offered a $20,000.00 reward for information into Rich’s murder.

He also, on more than one occasion, said it was not the Russians supplying him with the emails.

This is nothing more than Seth Rich getting caught by the DNC operatives and getting taken care of by the hit squad, all for making known what the Democrats were really up to; creating a deep state shadow government where Obama and Jarrett could call in the dogs, all from the comfort of their Washington DC abode. Hmm, wonder if Michelle is now sleeping on the couch.

When you factor this in with the startling revelations by Evelyn Farkas, the relaxation of regulations of the handling and dissemination of classified and other surveillance data ordered by Baby Doc (thanks Claire) Obama, and the convenient excuse Susan Rice gave for not going to the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing (they didn’t say pretty please), we have the makings of some actual intent (Comey’s favorite word).

It’s way past time that the Justice Department got immediately involved. They should demand the WaPo author to reveal his anonymous source(s) under threat of litigation. Maybe when some of these liberal shills posing as journalists get some jail time it may stem the tide. Obama, Rice, Farkas, Clinton, and a whole host of deep state operators loyal to Obama and Leftist causes should also be investigated. Plain and simple, this is

Rebellion and Insurrection (18 US Code Section 2383)


Seditious Conspiracy (18 US Code Section 2384)

and the Justice Department should be treating any investigation(s) as such.

I’ll be the first to open the jailhouse doors.


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