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Debussy Fields

Good to hear from you again, Debussy and I hope all is well with you.

It’s obvious we disagree on many issues, and we could go on and on ad infinitum trading stories or highlighting those differences, but I’d like to take the conversation on a somewhat different trajectory. This trajectory may undoubtedly arc us back to our previous conversations, but it is of great importance to me to look at the end game, especially now that the stakes seemed to have been raised politically and socially.

If you were the President, or just someone with the authority to make changes, what would you say, do or advocate in an attempt to bridge the racial divide? What specific policy issues would you promote, and what would you say to the African American and Caucasian communities respectively? What would you expect from each side regarding the shared responsibility in a coming together?

Not sure I mentioned this before, and some might think it unnecessary, but I am Caucasian married to an African American woman for almost 39 years. She represents the jewels in my crown, and is a woman of untold strength and faith. She never pre-judges and is known for her unshakable sense of fairness in whatever position confronts her.

The relationship between African Americans and Caucasians is in some ways similar to a marriage. Not to oversimplify it, but we are bound together by a human bond, and similar to all marriages, sometimes there are disagreements of varying degrees. Both sides take their stances, usually headed by emotion, not wanting to be the one to make the first concession, fearing we would be seen as the weaker party. Although the ‘fight’ might have been over something said or done, we have always found forgiveness and understanding to be the central players in our coming back together.

Over the course of our marriage, we both discovered, and continue to discover things about each other that weren’t initially known, but it is precisely the peeling back of our layers that allowed us to get to the good stuff inside. The specific life experiences and how those experiences shaped and continue to shape us and those around us.

All too often we hear from the fringe on both sides of the political and social cloth, but I’m interested in the threads that will hopefully produce a coat of many colors.

Thank you for your cyber-friendship.

Respectfully submitted.

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