He’ll have to find some wrongdoing on Hillary’s part, first.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

“He’ll have to find some wrongdoing on Hillary’s part, first…”

Gee, where should he look first. Duh!

“… People have been trying to get her on something for the last quarter century…”

That’s a loooong time to be accused of wrongdoing. If it weren’t for the lame-stream media providing cover for her and a host of other liberals, she’d be modelling her orange jumpsuits for Fashion magazine, who’ll undoubtedly push them as the latest fashion trend.

“…Why would Trump — a bumbling idiot — succeed when greater minds have failed?”

Really want me to answer that?

Republicans control the entire enchilada Vicky. If the Democrats keep pushing and pushing and pushing, the ‘bumbling idiot’ is going to get a kick out of putting a bunch of Democrats, including Hillary in jail.

At least she’ll have company.

Guess what though, you’ll have all the ammunition to keep whining to your heart’s content.

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