I’ll buy that Trump isn’t dirty when a hostile committee grills him for 8 hours straight and finds…
Brian Amberg

“I’ll ”buy that Trump isn’t dirty when a hostile committee grills him for 8 hours straight and finds nothing. You know, like what Hillary Clinton went through..”

Good, I agree, bring it on!

Only problem is when all of the inquiries, accusations, suspicions, and investigations turn up ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, you and the Democrats still won’t accept it. Trump not only had the brass cahonies to run for president, he slammed both Democrats and the lame-stream media, survived every verbal assault and character assassination against him, came out of it even more popular, BUT to then go ahead and beat their darling Hillary, well that’s something they can’t and won’t stomach.

Now you see that disdain manifest itself as this non-stop committed resistance from the same Democrats, media and Hillary supporters. This has nothing to do with any collusion or corruption by Trump, his family, or his administration. This is the only way the prideful Democrats can save their two-faces from the devastating humiliation that an outsider cracked the code and strolled through the palace door.

As far as Hillary is concerned, she willfully lied to Americans and the families of the four heroes that died in the radical Islamic attack on the consulate in Benghazi, even though within 24 hours she emailed the Prime Minister of Egypt AND her daughter informing them it really was a terror attack and not some heinous internet video, as was the talking point throughout the Democrat party.

She used the CGI as a slush fund to curry donations from foreign governments who had or wanted to do business with her State Department. She authorized her husband to give a 6 figure speech in Russia and shortly after, Russia gained possession of 25% of our nation’s uranium stockpiles.

It was Hillary who said not only were her and Bill dead broke, but in debt after leaving the White House, yet a mere 20 or so years later their estimated fortune is worth well over 100 million dollars.

Not too shabby for a couple of public servants.

You and the Progressives have this extraordinary ability to immediately perceive wrongdoing when it involves Republicans or Conservatives, but become extremely myopic when it comes to OBVIOUS issues that point to ACTUAL wrongdoing from the uber-liberal universe.

You and they still don’t get it. This glaring hypocrisy is exactly what got Donald Trump elected, not some fairy tale conspiracy hatched in the war room in the Obama administration, not some tortured belief that Comey, Putin, Julian Assange, the Easter Bunny or Bigfoot got him elected.

“I’m sure you’d love to sweep this under the rug though, so you can have your theocracy “conservative Christian…”

Not at all.

The only thing I want to sweep is Republican victories in the 2018 mid-terms, and the 2020 presidential election cycle, AND thanks to the ad nauseum whines and resistance from the far-Left, that’s a greater possibility with each passing day.

So, thanks for that!

Notwithstanding, I don’t think President Trump should nominate anyone to replace Comey until after the FBI investigation has concluded. Seeing as you’re a fan of truth, I’m sure you must be in agreement that the FBI should also begin an investigation into the source(s) of the unmasking and massive leaking that occurred under the previous administration as alluded to by Evelyn Farkas.

As you know, those who are guilty of that are also guilty of a federal offense and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of federal law.

You’re good with that, right???

As far as theocracy, you must be getting Christianity confused with Islam, as Islam is the only major religion that has at its core, a political component. As far as I am concerned, I’m a naturalized American citizen who resists anyone, especially elected officials who use their position as public servants to trash Christians, America, Americans, and the Constitution.

Well, I got news for you. Comey actually played a major role in getting Trump elected and yet Trump has zero loyalty to Comey. The second Comey is no longer useful, he is ditched…”

Bullhockey, but I like that you used the words actually played as if you were in possession of inside information no one else is privy to.

Good try.

“…How important do you think your “family values” are to Trump,…”

President Trump shouldn’t govern with either my family values or yours in mind. What he has promised and will do is resurrect the values that made America the greatest experiment in freedom ever devised. When THAT happens all Americans will benefit, those that supported him and those who can’t stand him. You probably wouldn’t recognize it when it happens though since it seems quite clear your indoctrination by liberal thought will have blinded you to see any good in anything he does.

who can’t keep his hands off his daughter’s butt?

You’re a willful idiot if you really believe that. Expected though when facts get in the way of a good smear campaign.

Do you seriously think he gives any damns about you? The second you aren’t useful, you’re jettisoned.”

As long as he cares for America, the rest will fall into place, even with all of the hate directed against him from individuals like you.